Champagne Blanc de Blancs Mumm de Cramant

The Mumm de Cramant has a name that is almost a word game. The vineyard from where the chardonnay grapes of this blanc de blancs comes from in the village of Cramant in the Côte des Blancs. But CrEmant is also the term used to describe a champagne with a creamier carbonation, due to the pressure around 4.5 atmospheres instead of the usual 6. So in effect we are dealing with a Cremant of Cramant. We are faced with a mono-cru vintage, but noexplicit statement of the vintage.
Further ado is the case for starting the taste. Already the visual inspection it is clear the bubble very “sweet”, very small and not very numerous. The nose scents prevailpastries and citrus. The mouth is much drier and more mineral than the nose would suggest, white peach, citrus, acidity hardly noticeable. The persistence is very long.This is a wine meant to be enjoyable and very drinkable immediately by anyone. Idealas an aperitif, or with some oyster appetizers are not too tasty to drink or just to chat with friends.

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