Champagne Egly-Ouriet Brut Tradition Grand Cru

Egly-Ouriet is a household name especially among enthusiasts for personal style and the quality of its champagne. A personal style where the care of the vineyard is the top priority and the winery using a judicious mix of traditional and modern techniques. A Recoltant Manipulant that produces only with grapes coming from its 12 hectares of vineyards.Egly-Ouriet Brut tradition
The family Egly dealing with viticulture for many years, but until 1982, the year in which Francis Egly takes the lead of the family property, most of the grapes were sold to big fashion houses and producing its own brand was only for consumption family and friends. In a region where everyone is afraid of not having enough acidity, Francis Egly tries to pick the grapes as ripe as possible, do not hesitate to harvest with 12/13 degrees potential alcohol if it considers that the vintage permits. The use of wood for fermentation and barrel for reserve wines connotes a product before you become a great champagne to be a great wine.
To start treating me well 2013 I decided to open this Brut Tradition Grand Cru with disgorgement November 2011. Egly-Ouriet indicates disgorgement on the label since 1990. It is an assembly Pinot noir and Chardonnay with the latter at 30%. The reserve wines from three different annato are at 50%. The vinification in wood is made on 20% of the cuvée. Dosage to 3 grams of residual sugar per liter. Once paid shows a nice color gold drain, with many small bubbles. The nose is intense with the yeast on top with toasted notes, then candied fruit and spices. In the mouth it is vinous, rich and ripe, yeasts are in evidence in the first instance, then candied citrus peel, spices and herbal notes, ending in a savory finish and mineral. The acidity is pronounced and adequately supports a plant as challenging and opulent. A champagne and complex with many nuances, led to accompany a good meal of meat or fish with tastes decided, but because of good acidity even cheeses or meats and fats as a tasty ham iberico.

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