Couriousity bubbles of the Dame, featuring Alberto Lupetti

La Dame du Vin is now drawn to a very special character, a man who has made of Champagne and one of his reasons for living.
He does not like to appear too much and is a person who goes directly to the point, you do not lose time to talk. He tasted and it is expressed, and its olfactory memory hides many secrets …
The character is Alberto Lupetti, one of the most ‘great experts and connoisseurs of champagne in Europe and author of the guide “Grandi Champagne 2012” and of the blog Le mie Bollicine.Copertina guida champagne
To satisfy its curiosity, La Dame met with him to ask some questions that Alberto has readily agreed to respond in a sincere way.
But first ‘I was able to put a couple of bottles in the fridge, you never know who might be thirsty during the interview!
Here is the picture that emerges:

1) Alberto, in the world of Champagne and Champagne are a person well known by now. How did you get to this particular world?
The champagne has always held a great fascination for me and in this regard, I have memories of difficult times (I am referring to the ’80s, when the wine was for me in full discovery) when suggellavo the important occasions with Dom Perignon and Krug Grande Cuvée.
Then, about fifteen years ago, in the office of a dear friend of representative wines of Rome, we started seeing each other regularly in 4-5 and each bring a bottle of champagne.

From there the idea to specialize in champagne and write, and because I realized that many, all, wrote a number of wines, but not champagne, champagne is a word that is well known, however, beyond the word itself very little is known …

2) The Champagne that has excited you the most ‘?
Mention only one is impossible, so light ‘different names:
Moët Vintage 1921, Dom Pérignon Oenotheque 1973, Dom Pérignon Oenotheque 1990, Krug 1928, Cristal Rosé 1976, Roederer Blanc de blancs 1990, Veuve Clicquot Rosé magnum 1947 and 1955, Vilmart Coeur de Cuvée 1993 magnum.
Is a story in itself Perrier-Jouët 1825.
Here, I will only make an effort to, though I would add at least another 7-8, however, say that they will never forget, hoping not to have offended anyone …

.No dear Alberto, you have not offended anyone, but I’m dying of jealousy and envy to hear what you were able to enjoy..

3) The heart of the Champagne?

Ah, you really want to get in trouble then!
Again do you say more than one, yet the house just mentioned, but since you put me cornered and I really dirtene one and only one, well, then I say Dom Pérignon Oenotheque.
If we talk about a whole house, well, I have little doubt: Louis Roederer. I think it is a perfect house for a champagne no mistake, they are all excellent, from the Cristal Rosé Brut Premier!

Motion of contentment Dame has managed to tip the man all of a piece and thousands of bubbles!

4) What kind of champagne do you prefer?

White first, and rather mature, but with a nice acidity.

.Bump … has my same tastes!.

5) How do you discover new champagne and to understand that they are good?

In Champagne there are over 4,700 bottlers manufacturers, so you want labels to be discovered!
In this regard, often is word of mouth, friends of Italian or French, but also random tastings.
I remember a year when the CIVC (Comité interprofessionel du Vin de Champagne, Epernay-based) accompanied me on a visit from Collard-Picard, who just do not know.
Well, it was a pleasant and unexpected discovery.
Or remember when Valentina “Along the Via Francigena” took me by sconosciutissimo Guy De Forez, then turned out to be extraordinary.
Instead, to see if these champagne “discovered” are good or not, well, the only way is the taste!
However, I believe that excellence is already all been “discovered” and that there may well be good yet to be discovered, but not kid ourselves, there are many. Attention, in fact, not to convey the message that the novelty, name unknown, different from the masses is good simply because it …

.Warned therefore not fall in love “of Amble” strangers and they do not accept or candy, nor champagne without a thorough analysis..

6) Why do some champagne cost 15 Euro? They are still good?

The speech is complex and I guess you were not referring to those promotions, also signed by big fashion houses and they regularly see in supermarkets in France …
However, 15 Euro for a bottle is a price that covers only the French market, with very few exceptions.
How do you get at this price?
Production of family tradition of small businesses to the limit of craftsmanship (champagne de propriétaires), almost unknown to the public and selling directly.
Then these are good champagne or not we can talk about, but, in principle, those worthy of note are very few.
Finally, at this price range, there are many to consider the MA (Marque d’Acheteur), then champagne usually intended for mass distribution and third-party products, often with a high percentage of taille …

.Note the Dame:
the “taille” is the quantity of must date from the second pressing of the grapes after the first, in which, from 4000Kg of grapes are extracted 2050 liters of juice (cuvee), used for champagne with more ‘character, and the rest, about 500lt, called taille for champagne mentioned Alberto..

7) It ‘justified the cost of some champagne in Euro 1000?

It justified the cost of a bottle of Pétrus or Romanèe-Conti?
I therefore think that the speech can not be done because the variables involved are numerous, starting with the possibility of spending and the subjectivity of the individual.
Put it this way, then: if you give me 2,000 euros to be spent only in champagne would purchase a couple of bottles of old vintages reproposed as “Oenotheque” rather than one or two special and exclusive cuvée.

8) At home drink champagne?

Of course, God forbid!
In addition to the bottles that I review, untap it for pleasure because I do not see anything better to accompany some tasty meal or relax in the garden.

.I dare not even imagine what he drinks for its bucolic moments …. scares me..

9) The Italians know how to drink champagne?

Few and are mostly enthusiasts.
For the rest there is a strong need to make culture because of distortions if you can still see many, too many.
Starting from the tendency of the general public to put together in a single pot all wines with bubbles, invariably calling them “prosecco” (sic. ..), “French champagne” (sic, sic …) or “Italian champagne” (sic, sic, sic …) and then choose the one that costs less.
For heaven’s sake, do not get me wrong, I do not mean that around a bottle of champagne is necessary to create an aura of sacred mysticism, but the champagne should be better known and respected.
The cost is certainly a barrier to entry, but we never made two accounts? Then, in a good bottle there are 1.5 kg of grapes, which costs an average of 6 euros per kilo. So I’m only 10 euros of grapes, then we must add the glass, cap, manual labor, the firm capital (minimum three years in the cellar) and, in our case, the cost of importation and distribution.
So, we’re still not sure that the champagne is expensive?

.The reasoning is flawless … I had done when I was still single, and he, too, would have even married!.

10) One champagne to give to a woman?

Women do not have all the same tastes … and the beautiful champagne is that it has so many facets to satisfy everyone in the end.
I can never get the name of a champagne universal for women because it does not exist. But if I had to give a bottle to a woman who did not know I would have a few questions:
Dom Pérignon Rosé.
It’s a little rosé rosé, elegant, fine, pleasant, and – alas – expensive.

.Here there is always a but …… still men, you who are reading, keep in memory..

11) Who among the producers of champagne you know, you want to spend a night drinking?

With Claude Giraud (Maison Henri Giraud), because then we would end up talking about Havana cigars. But even with Richard Geoffroy (Maison Dom Pérignon) to talk about life …

12) The rules of the AOC Champagne are sufficient to ensure good quality among producers?

I think so, and for several reasons.
First of all, the French are very good at making disciplinary smart and avoid the follies of our, then we talk about rules that apply as a minimum, so each manufacturer tends, in principle, to move on to higher quality levels.
Finally, these rules may be departed from in the case of special harvests.
The speech I made is obviously great lines and just want to give you an idea, but it is clear that in Champagne know they have a treasure and do everything to keep it shining.
A word to the wise …

13) The champagne “organic” are true?

If you mean the purest or most of the other champagne champagne I say absolutely not.
Valid for wine and even more for champagne: let us not get the message of some “Taliban” for which the wine before I see how it is done and then tell you whether it is good or not, when, in fact, before I should see if is good or not, and then, if anything, to explore how to be done. So I reiterate my no!

Here, I finished bore Alberto with my questions, but my curiosity had to be satisfied and he was a true gentleman

We did everything in one go, no pause, we do not deserve a drink?

I get up and go to open the fridge. After these revelations so that the champagne that I had put to cool will be appreciated as it should.

But I can not tell you what … after Dame also has its secrets!

Thanks Alberto, à la prochaine …

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