Champagne Bollinger RD 1999

Maison Bollinger did not need a big presentation for the enthusiast. One of the oldest and most prestigious, which dates back to 1829. The best-known peculiarity of Bollinger are fermented in wood, the maintenance of reserve wines in magnums, and use, in the vintage, the cork, instead of the crown, during the second fermentation.

The resulting champagne have great personality, with excellent aging potential and a certain taste roasted. Having headquarters at AY Pinot Noir is always preponderant in the assembly.

The blend R.D. (récemment dégorgé) is the flagship of the house, one that has a longer aging. The fermentation in this case lasts at least 8 years. The concept is to combine the complexity of an aging along with the freshness dellla recent disgorgement.
Some fans love to revel in a further evolution in the bottle, I personally prefer this champagne within three / four years after disgorgement, but this is personal taste. In this case the bottle reported as the date of disgorging January 2011.

Once uncorked and allowed to aerate for a few minutes pour myself a glass of RD 1999, the color is gold exhaust, fine bubbles, and numerous. The nose is mildly complex, toasty, balsamic, spicy finish. On the palate it has a fine texture, toasty notes in the foreground, something quince, green tea, spices … The closure is tasty and the mineral right, well integrated acidity presents a set of great harmony.
The effect tried to combine complexity and freshness together was achieved completely. It ‘a very versatile food wine champagne food, but I recommend to drink it alone or maybe with a bit of ham or quality cheese as not to spoil the complexity and the feeling that this wine can offer.

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