Champagne Deutz Brut Classic

The history of the Maison Deutz began in 1838, by a group of William Deutz and Pierre-Hubert Geldermann, two Prussian immigrant who opened a wine shop in Aix-la-Chapelle putting his mark on the cuvée purchased in the area. Over the years, met great success and decided to buy the first vineyards. The descendants of the two founders then expand the business in subsequent years. Deutz family is always present in the management of the company, but since the early nineties the majority of the property was transferred to the Maison Roederer. The two companies are still managed in a distinct manner and styles are very different.

But let’s talk about the wine … now brut classic, a cuvée produced from Pinot Noir (33%), Pinot Meunier (33%) and Chardonnay (33%). The presence of reserve wines varies depending on the year, typically is from 20% to 25%, but in some years it is possible arrivals to 40%. Deutz keeps its reserve wines in cement tanks for up to four years. This Deutz Brut Classic is really a classic, played on the fineness starting as early as pale color and abundant and fine foam which makes it creamy on the palate. Smell coming aromas of citrus and candied fruit on the palate are a great freshness and an average complexity, citrus fruits in the foreground, the sweetest tones of tropical fruits. Delicate and fruity, focuses on freshness and balanced acidity, it is simple and pleasant, very drinkable without dose tacky. It is very suitable for a champagne aperitif or delicate dishes, such as raw fish.

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