And the champagne drops the Ace of Spades

The story of the Maison Armand de Brignac is amazing, born in the middle of the last century and fell into disuse until it was brought back to life by the will of an American rapper and later became the best champagne in the world!

All of this was born in 2006, thanks to an interview with Frédéric Rouzeau, owner of Maison Louis Roederer explained that, in essence, that his Champagnes had to be drunk, and not paid on the bodies of young maidens in video clips of some rappers, especially those of Jay-Z.
Mate Beyoncé, of sanguine temperament, then decided to create HIS own brand of Champagne, so that you can pay what he wanted the girls in his videos.
It is therefore associated with the Maison de Champagne, Cattier, based in Chigny-Les-Roses, on the Mountain of Reims, to revive the sleeping beauty: the brand Armand de Brignac.
And instead of gently brush the brand, Jay-Z has preferred to make a revolution in marketing and production in order to present something completely new.
The new start from the bottle, frosted glass, fully golden and branded with the famous Ace of Spades (Ace of Swords), symbol of the rapper Jay-Z.
This bottle breaks sharply with all the usual standards of Champagne but is particularly delicate to handle and requires a manual bottling, because even if only one small drop of Champagne falls on the lining of the bottle, the risk of ruin.
Considered one of the high-end Champagne and sold at a price that is almost double the champagnes of the same reference level as Roederer Cristal and Dom Pérignon, the product range was expanded in 2008 with a Rosé and a Blanc de Blancs.
The birth of a brand of Champagne eggs, especially high-end, is not taken as positive news from other manufacturers, but Ace of Spades has been able to keep their mouth shut so many, when the Champagne Armand de Brignac Brut Gold won in a blind tasting with a panel of experts and industry insiders, the prize for the best champagne in the world in front of 999 other cuvées, achieving a score of 96 out of 100.

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